About NickEve.com

I hate the word blog. It sounds like something you throw away, or a noise you apologize after making. So this isn’t a blog. If you call it that, please do so outside of earshot so I don’t have to get angry with you. Life is way too short to waste too much time being angry.

This is more of a traveler’s diary in the fine 19th century tradition. I have been very blessed with a dynamic life, full of wonders, and look at this as my way to share the idle thoughts of an overcrowded mind. Feel free to comment, disagree, praise, scribble, and add whatever you like.

I also wish to be # 1 for the search queries “nick eve”, “nicholas tarquin eve”, and “nicholas eve”. This should help make it easier for people that used to know me to find me again. You can help me in this regard by linking to me with the link text being one of these. For example, if you added this html code to your website it would be of great benefit to me:

<a href=”http://www.nickeve.com”>Nick Eve</a>

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